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Biovotion - NOMAD wins Eurostars grantBiovotion - NOMAD wins Eurostars grant

  • Biovotion at White House meeting


    Biovotion was invited to attend a White House meeting to brainstorm solutions to improving the safety of Ebola healthcare workers


  • Biovotion - NOMAD wins Eurostars grant


    Biovotion wins Eurostars grant with NOMAD, making perfect use of its modular and broad sensing technologies in wearable monitoring.


  • Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE 2014


    Biovotion is excited to announce official participation in the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE 2014 competition.


  • Alpine Venture Forum award


    Biovotion wins "Best presentation" award at Alpine Venture Forum, 6. May 2014 in Lausanne, Switzerland


  • Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup


    Biovotion has been selected as finalist in the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 2013/14


presentation at health 2.0

Biovotion AG is a Swiss based medical device company, providing solutions for continuous, non-invasive physiological monitoring. We are committed to improve the lives of people with chronic conditions with our patient-friendly, wearable monitoring concept. The Biovotion Vital Sign Monitoring (VSM) platform is a mobile, stand alone wearable monitor of vital sign parameters supported by integrated cloud services for data exchange and analysis.

Official participant in the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE 2014

Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE

Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup
Awarded by the European Commission Awarded by the European Commission as Europe's ´best eHealth SMEs´ 2013 Awarded by the European Commission
Quote eHealth competition 2013 Neelie Kroes (European Commission Vice-President for the digital agenda):
"I want to congratulate all the finalists, and the winners in particular. Your inspiring ideas show us how eHealth tools can help patients take control of their health and support doctors and health and care professionals. You have my support, my admiration and my warmest wishes for every success."
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